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Watersheds of the Local Universe : Laniakea and five newcomers in the neighborhood Dupuy and Courtois 2023 A&A

Download hereafter the Basins otersheds envelops as basins of attraction and Basins of repulsion in FITS format. Grids are of size 1000 Mpc/h and 128^3 voxels, and are filled with integers from 0 to n where n is the number of basins detected. Each integer labels a single basin (in the same order as listed in Table A.1 in Dupuy et al. (2023), ignoring blank lines), and the value of all voxels part of a given basin is set to that same integer. Voxels set to 0 are not part of any basin. For example, in the case of basins of attraction in the CF4 galaxy velocity field: voxels filled with 1 are part of Laniakea, 2 of Apus, 3 of Hercules, etc.

If you use this data cite the article above

Gravity in the Local Universe : density and velocity fields using CosmicFlows-4 Courtois et al. 2023 A&A 670L 15

Download density and velocity grids (SGZ,SGY,SGX) hereafter (multiply by 52 the velocity values and associated errors). The files CF4gp correspond to the GROUPED version of CF4.

If you use this data cite the article above
For more cosmological models or higher resolutions grids, contact : helene.courtois at

2022 : CosmicFlows-4 published with 56,000 galaxies. See the article here : CosmicFlows-4 data
2016 : CosmicFlows-3 published with 17,700 galaxies. See the article here : CosmicFlows-3 data
2013 : CosmicFlows-2 release of the data. See the article here : CosmicFlows-2 data
2012 : CosmicFlows-1. 3D Velocity and Density Reconstructions of the Local Universe see article here

  • A few CosmicFlows publications

  •        On the sociology and hierarchy of voids: a study of seven CAVITY nearby galaxy voids and their dynamical CosmicFlows-3 environment Courtois H.M. et al.
           Toward Cosmicflows-4: The HI data catalog Dupuy A., Courtois H.M., Guinet D., et al. 2021 A&A, 646A, 113D
           Segmenting the Universe into dynamically coherent basins Dupuy A. , Courtois H.M. et al., 2020MNRAS.493.3513D
           A kinematic confirmation of the hidden Vela supercluste Courtois H.M., Kraan-Korteweg R.C., DupuyA., et al. 2019MNRAS.490L..57C
           The peculiar velocity field up to z = 0.05 by forward-modelling Cosmicflows-3 data Graziani R., Courtois H. M. et al., 2019 MNRAS,488,5438
           An estimation of the local growth rate from Cosmicflows peculiar velocities Dupuy A., Courtois H.M., Kubik B. 2019MNRAS.486..440D
           The Cold Spot repeller Courtois H.M., et al. 2017, MNRAS, 414, 2005
           Update on HI data collection from GBT, Parkes and Arecibo telescopes for the Cosmic Flows project Courtois H.M, Tully R.B., 2015 MNRAS,447,1531C
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           Cosmic Flows: Green Bank Telescope and Parkes H I Observations Courtois H.M. et al. 2011 MNRAS.414.2005C
           The Extragalactic Distance Database: All Digital H I Profile Catalog Courtois, et al. 2009, AJ, 138, 1938

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